Welcome to our Wikispace!

Besides being fun to say, a wiki can be fun to use! A wiki is a simple website that can promote transparent collaboration within projects. I'm using this wiki to share the curriculum, but later, we'll use another wiki to collaborate between classrooms. Your students can post images, slideshows, maps, podcasts, videos, PowerPoints, graphs, and tables. Not only can your students articulate their own ideas, they can read, edit, and critically review their peers’ work.

For this curriculum wiki, we're going to keep it easy, and not ask you to edit or add anything. However, several lessons have wiki components and you'll have the opportunity to do more. Don't worry, there's help available, both from a wiki tutorial that we created, and from the Help link (top right of any page).

Brand new to wikispaces? Check out this "map" of a wikispaces page.

Here are the four wikis you will be using.
  • Connecting Kids through Birds
    • This wiki contains the curriculum, and the many of the online resources.
  • Habitat Exchange
    • This wiki is where you will collaborate with other schools about your habitat.
  • Share Your Actions
    • This wiki is where you will show others some of the actions your classroom has taken.
  • BirdSleuth Help
    • Are you lost? Need help? We hope that this wiki will answer any questions you have.

What do you want to do?

Print a lesson? Click on the “page” tab on any page (the tab is located next to the page title) and it will show a drop-down menu that includes creating a PDF and printing the page! You can also print from the PDF we created of all the lessons.

Make a comment on something? Click the "Discussion" Tab next to the "Page" tab. Feel free to start or add to a discussion.