Share Your Actions!

Big Idea:
Students will share their positive actions for bird conservation with others.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Students will be able to name three ways to improve habitat for birds.
  2. Students will be able to identify two non-habitat related ways to help bird conservation.
  3. Students will be able to synthesize ideas from the Habitat Exchange and Count Birds for Science lessons in order to take action for bird conservation.
  4. Students will be able to share and compare their conservation actions with those of other classrooms around the United States using a collaboration wiki.

Time Needed:
45 minute period, possible extension time outside depending on your Action.


Getting Ready:
  • Think about how you might like to use the Share Your Actions wiki and what types of projects you might collaborate on with other classes.
  • Optional: Complete Lesson 1 (Habitat Exchange) and Lesson 7 (Count Birds for Science) in advance.

Conducting the Activity:
1. Complete a Conservation Action

Brainstorm with your students about what action(s) they would like to take for birds. You can:
  • Participate in Citizen Science (you may have done this already in Lesson 7);
  • Improve your schoolyard habitat for birds by providing food, water, and shelter (you may have done this already in Lesson 9);
  • Take action toward sustainability in your school community; and/or
  • Build community awareness and appreciation for birds.

Online Conservation Badges will be awarded to schools who have taken steps to help birds! Possible actions by area may include:

  • Submitting data to eBird
  • Submitting data to CUBS
  • Submitting data to another citizen science program
Food Habitat Helpers
  • Putting up bird feeders
  • Planting a garden for birds
Water Habitat Helpers
  • Adding a bird bath
  • Adding a pond
  • Creek or beach clean up
Shelter Habitat Helpers
  • Planting trees and bushes
  • Putting up nest boxes
  • Schoolyard clean-up
Sustainability Stars
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Lowering your carbon footprint
  • Taking action at school to help the environment
Community Builders
  • Raising money for bird conservation
  • Sharing what you know with others outside your school
  • Participating in a community ev
    ent centered around birds

Once you've agreed on your action(s), share your plans with your BirdSleuth Coordinator and get going! If you decide to complete a Habitat Helper project, consider taking photos before and after your changes have occurred. You will probably notice a difference in the number of birds frequenting the schoolyard!

2. Share Your Actions

Go to the Share Your Actions wiki and follow the instructions at the bottom of the home page to create your school's wiki page. Once you have created your wiki page, you can tag the actions you plan to complete and describe the actions you have already completed. Type text directly into the wiki. Add photos and videos to your page using the Widget button in the edit toolbar. Upload podcasts using the File button in the edit toolbar. Continue to update your page throughout the year as you take more actions for birds. Browse other school's pages to see what others are up to; you can get ideas for further action on your own or connect with classrooms doing similar projects that may be interested in collaborating on a project.

3. Get Recognized for Your Actions

The BirdSleuth team will monitor the Share Your Actions wiki throughout the year as you continue to post your conservation actions. Look out for the Conservation Badges you've earned to appear on your wiki page!