As a pilot test teacher, your feedback about these lessons--comments about everything from our recommended order, to classroom usability, to content--are very welcomed and encouraged. You can send us your feedback in writing or online. We need your feedback by the end of the school year OR by June 1, 2012... whichever comes first.

We hope that you'll actually try most, if not all, of these lessons with your students. We also hope you'll routinely be in touch with the educator at your partner site (your Local BirdSleuth Coordinator). These educators will help convey your responses to us, and might observe a few lessons as you teach them.

We hope to link students in these regions in exciting ways. As field test teachers, you can help us discover how these connections can work.
Thank you for your assistance. YOU will truly make this curriculum usable by teachers and students throughout the country. Thank you!

Here is the evaluation. It's a Word file, so you can either print it and write your comments--or simply open this file and then save it to your computer so you can fill it out electronically as the unit progresses and then email it to me. These are the same file--just different extensions for those that have a new versus older system:

with extension .docx

with extension .doc (Windows 1997-2003)

Please email or mail completed evaluations to me at your earliest convenience.

Here are the requirements in order to successfully complete the field test and recieve your incentives:
  • Complete at least 7 of the 11 lessons with your students and submit feedback on each via the final evaluation form.
  • Give the pre-test and post-test to your students and send in these materials.

We really appreciate your participation and feedback! I hope you enjoy using these materials and that your students will learn alot from them. Let me, or your site coordinator know, if you have any questions or difficulties!


Jennifer Fee
K-12 Programs Manager
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapusucker Woods Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

(607) 254-2403